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Eco-Solvent Poly Cotton Canvas 350g &260g semi-glossy

Eco-Solvent Poly Cotton Canvas 350g &260g semi-glossy

CATEGORY:Giant Image Inkjet Canvas-Eco solvent

 Eco-Solvent Poly Cotton Canvas 350g &260g semi-glossy


GIANT IMAGE Eco-solvent Polyester/Cotton Canvas is a waterproof bright white top coated product that is designed to work with Eco Solvent ink. The specialized coating offers a low glare finish, superior color brilliance and excellent image definition. It is composed of a uniform polyester/cotton blend that can be stretched without cracking and does not have to be laminated. Compatible with ALL ECO-SOLVENT PRINTERS,Such as, ROLAND,MUTOH;MIMAKI etc.


GIANT IMAGE” Eco-solvent Polyester/Cotton Canvas offers quality is as follows:


Surface: Semi-glossy

Base: Cotton/Polyester

Weight: 350 gsm&260gsm

Printer Compatibility: All ECO-SOLVENT  inkjet printers


Size available: